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Best Hospital for Lasik, Laser eye surgery hospital in Indore.

A Laser procedure that is SAFE, PROVEN and TRUSTED treatment for the eye.
It is a way to “see life without glasses”. Laser vision correction has made millions of people worldwide free from glasses – making their life free from the inconvenience of glasses or contact lenses. Anaya eye hospital and Neuro Care Centre provide the best Lasik surgery in Indore at a very affordable price.

Lasik At Anaya Clinic Eye Hospital And Neuro Care Clinic :-

Anaya Clinic Eye Hospital And Neuro Care Clinic provide best lasik treatment for spec removal.

We have best eye specialist in Indore.

Who Should Get LASIK Surgery?

  • If you are suffering from Nearsightedness or Myopia
  • People suffering from Farsightedness or Hypermetropia
  • Suffering from Astigmatism
Lasik treatment in Indore

BEST Lasik treatment in Indore

Why Should You Consider Laser Eye Surgery?

Imagine seeing clearly from the second you open your eyes in the first part of the day! When you have vision correction you will see and experience all the freedom that life has to bring to the table.

Laser refractive eye surgery procedure will genuinely transform you. Regardless of whether you are farsighted, near sighted or have astigmatism, Laser eye surgery procedure can wipe out your reliance on glasses or contact focal points. When you have a dream amendment strategy your characteristic vision will be restored.

Gaining the opportunity and security you need is entirely simple. Laser vision correction is an agony free technique that takes just couple of moments and is roughly 60 seconds of laser time per eye by and large.

Lasik Procedure

Lasik is an acronym for laser in-situ-keratomileusis. Lasik is a gold standard in refractive surgery. The procedure which is painless, safe, and with a faster recovery of vision which makes it a very popular procedure for laser vision correction.

Post qualifying the eyes with a pre Lasik evaluation and informed consent for the procedure, the patient is prepared before the procedure with anesthetic and antibiotic eye drops, making the eye numb and sterile for the laser procedure.

A Microkeratome or a Femtosecond laser hand-piece is used to create a thin corneal flap which remains hinged through the procedure.

Benefits of LASIK Surgery

No Pain

No Stitches

No Scars

  • Experience results within few hours
  • Can be underwent again if vision changes
  • No need to use glasses or contact lenses

Why Anaya Clinic is best for Laser (LASIK) Eye Surgery in Indore

  • Completely “SAFE” and “PAINLESS”
  • Latest technology
  • With decade of experience
  • Optimal results

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