Tumors located deep inside the brain are often difficult to reach by Neurologist. More difficult is to remove them. Still more difficult is to keep the patient safe. NEURONAVIGATION is a tool which helps surgeon to reach to deeper location inside the brain and do the work with no/ minimum side effects. It’s like the GPS in your cars which takes you the destination by shortest and safest route.



About Dr. Pranav Ghodgaonkar

Dr. Pranav Ghodgaonkar is a Neuro Surgeon who specializes in brain and spinal surgery, Brain tumor, Neurovascular Disease, Pediatric.

Neurosurgery including hydrocephalus and spinal cord disease & other areas of his focus and expertise is Endoscopic Brain Surgery.
He has gained qualifications & experience from high value and finest neurosurgical centers in Europe including Germany & Finland. He has also worked at a pioneering center in Japan.

Main Areas of Expertise are:

• Brain Tumor
• Cerebral Aneurysm & AV Malformation
• Endoscopic Brain Surgery
• Neurosurgery in children
• Disease of Cervical and lumbar spine
• Brain & Spinal injuries
• General Neurological Disease

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