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What is a Detached Retina?

Anaya eye clinic says, a retinal detachment is when the retina lifts far away from the rear of the attention, like wallpaper shedding the wall.

Symptoms of Detached Retina

When the retina is detached from the rear wall of the attention it’s separated from its blood supply and not functions properly. the standard symptoms of a detachment of the retina include:

Floaters – These can appear as if specs, lines, or cobwebs in your field of vision.
Flashing lights – Some people say this is often like seeing stars after being hit within the eye.
A shadow within the peripheral (side) vision which will be stationary (non-moving) or progress toward, and involve, the middle of vision.
A gray curtain is covering a part of your field of vision.
In other cases of detachment of the retina , some might not remember of any changes in their vision. The severity of the symptoms is usually associated with the extent of the detachment.

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