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INFINITI VISION SYSTEM "OZIL" intelligent phaco.

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Eye Treatment

Anaya Eye Hospital provides complete treatment for your eyes. The various eye treatment offered by us are as follows :

Neurological Consultation

Dr. Pranav Ghodgaonkar is a Neuro Surgeon who specializes in brain and spinal surgery, Brain tumor, Neurovascular Disease, Pediatric.

Neurosurgery including hydrocephalus and spinal cord disease & other areas of his focus and expertise is Endoscopic Brain Surgery.
He has gained qualifications & experience from high value and finest neurosurgical centers in Europe including Germany & Finland. He has also worked at a pioneering center in Japan.

Main Areas of Expertise are:

• Brain Tumor
• Cerebral Aneurysm & AV Malformation
• Endoscopic Brain Surgery
• Neurosurgery in children
• Disease of Cervical and lumbar spine
• Brain & Spinal injuries
• General Neurological Disease

Our Doctors

Dr. Avani Ghodgaonkar

Dr. Avani Ghodgaonkar


Dr. Avani Ghodgaonkar is expert eye surgeon & best eye doctor in Indore, famous for her expert services. She is...

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Dr. Pranav Ghodgaonkar
Neuro Surgeon
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best neuro treatment in indore
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1 MRI image of neck showing a tumor which is pushing the cervical cord on one side. Patient has complaints of pain in limbs, weakness and sensory dysfunction. Such tumors are removed by surgery. The outcome of such treatment is excellent.
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