Understanding Cervical Spine

Understanding Cervical Spine

The Cervical Spine is a specialized organ of movement which connects the head with the body. The freedom of movement that the head enjoys is due to the neck ( Cervical Spine). On the evolution ladder, vertebrates develop a fully mobile neck in Birds and beyond ( Class AVIS. Frogs, snakes fishes, etc does not have a neck)

This mobility though comes at a cost. Increased movements are likely to cause more wear and tear of mobile apparatus. It is more likely to suffer from such damage. Such problems are visible as people age. Neck pain, difficulty in moving neck, pain in hands and limbs and occasionally numbness and lack of strength in hands, etc.

MRI is an excellent tool to see and pick up abnormalities in the Cervical Spine.

Various Non-operative and Operative treatment options are available to treat Cervical spines.

Metal devices ( Implants) help surgeons to achieve very good functional results in most of the patients.

Here are the images of some of the best implants which are available to us. Such resources give us the versatility to treat the Cervical spine efficiently.

Dr. Pranav Ghodgaonkar

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