Correction of near vision after age of 40 from Best Eye Doctor in Indore

Correction of near vision after age of 40 from Best Eye Doctor in Indore

Best eye doctor in Indore

In this blog we Anaya Eye HospitalBest Eye Hospital and Best eye doctor in Indore, share some very important information about eye care for people above 40.

According to a new report, near vision loss cases in India rises more than double in last 30 years.

Beside, moderate and severe visual impairment have almost doubled in the same period in India.

Report was made by two international bodies Vision Loss Expert Group and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness.

What is Near Vision Loss?

Inability to focus on nearby objects (usually at the distance of 33cm). It is also known as presbyopia.

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Presbyopia generally sets in from mid 40. Presbyopia is corrected my use of glasses by Eye specialists.

What is Moderate and Severe Vision Loss?

When visual acuity is less than 6/18 to 3/60. Visual acuity refers to your ability to discern the shapes and details of the things you see.

If the patient has a vision of 3/60, it means she is able to see from three feet what a person with perfect vision can see from 60 feet

Blindness is when visual acuity is less than 3/60

What the VLEG and IAPB Report says:

The report says, there are 507 million cases of near vision loss in the world

Out of this, 137.6 million cases are from India alone

In 1990, 57.7 million people in India were suffering from near vision loss

Besides, 79 million people in India have a moderate and severe visual impairment, almost double the cases in 1990 (40.6 million)

The report estimates that globally. 43.2 million were blind, 295.3 million had MSVI, 257.3 million had mild VI, and 507.4 million were VI from uncorrected presbyopia

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Causes for such steep rise:

Increased life expectancy (In 1990 average life expectancy was 59 years and 70 years in 2019)

People, who are over 50, are prone to vision loss according to the report

The rise in diabetes cases is another reason for blindness (India had 65 million diabetics in 2016, according to a Lancet paper)

1 in 6 diabetics suffers from retinopathy (retina damage due to disease)

Lifestyle changes – growing intake of junk food, more screen time (TV, Computer, smartphones)

When to be alert?

Do not ignore any symptoms related to eyes and vision

Some of the symptoms -Blurred vision, seeing colored halos, fréquent changes in glasses, redness, aversion to light- must be attended to as soon as possible

Frequent headaches and squinting of eyes while reading or watching TV need urgent attention

Precautions need to be taken:

Regular eye check-ups for early identification of conditions like glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy

Simple treatments in the early stages can resolve these issues

Lifestyle adjustment to prevent or control diabetes.

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